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Psychological Technologies (Illume) is an UK based innovative creator of award-winning mental health and self-development apps, dedicated to transforming lives through actionable personal growth and emotional support, enhanced by practical courses, tools, and a supportive community.

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While redeveloping the funnel, we collaborated with Julia Samuel MBE, a renowned psychotherapist, whose 30 years of counseling experience informed the materials of the app and our marketing decisions.

Grief Works App, crafted alongside esteemed grief expert Julia Samuel, provides essential support for those journeying through grief. Acclaimed with prestigious App Store awards such as 'App of the Day' and 'Editor's Choice,' Grief Works stands out in aiding thousands of individuals in their healing process.

01. The Challenge

Psychological Technologies (Illume), the creators of the "Grief Works" App approached us with a vital task: to design and execute a new advertisement campaign. The primary goals of this campaign were to enhance conversion rates and reduce the cost per lead, addressing the existing web funnel's underperformance for the app.

02. The Solution

Our strategy began with a meticulous analysis of the entire funnel to identify weaknesses and potential quick wins that could significantly impact performance. This analysis formed the foundation for a comprehensive, multistage revamp of the funnel.

  • Funnel Analysis: We conducted an exhaustive examination of the entire funnel, pinpointing areas where improvements could be made. This involved analyzing user touchpoints, conversion pathways, and existing marketing assets.
  • Identifying Gaps and Opportunities: Through our analysis, we identified specific gaps and low-hanging fruits – areas where minor adjustments could lead to major improvements in performance.

Multistage Revamp Strategy:

  • Product Enhancement Collaboration: We collaborated with Julia Samuel to refine the app's value proposition by enhancing it with additional course engagement feature, ensuring it met user needs more effectively.
  • Messaging and Sales Copy Overhaul: The messaging and sales copy across various platforms were revamped to better articulate the app's benefits and connect with the target audience.
  • Redesign of Digital Assets: Landing and sales pages, along with other marketing assets, were redesigned to enhance user experience and visual appeal, aiming to increase engagement and conversions.
  • New Email Marketing Strategy: We implemented a fresh email funnel and reactivation campaign to nurture leads and re-engage past users.
  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Our team launched new advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, carefully tailored to attract and convert the ideal demographic for the app.
03. The Result

Our efforts led to a 300% improvement relative to the original goal for Cost Per Lead, far exceeding the targets set by Psychological Technologies. Additionally, we achieved a substantial 260% reduction in the Cost Per User Acquisition, demonstrating a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing investment.

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