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Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is entrepreneur, author of "It's All in Your Mouth", public speaker, founder of DNA Health & Aesthetics Clinic, and world leading expert in biological dentistry and health optimization. He is on a mission to make his innovative approach and knowledge to overall well-being and oral health accessible to millions of people.

Branding ✱ Strategy ✱ Social Media Growth ✱ Video Production ✱ Web Design ✱ UX/UI ✱ Web Development

Here's a showcase of our expertise in creative video editing, where we transformed a basic educational video into a more captivating experience for the audience.

01. The Challenge

Dr. Dome approached us with a clear need: to crystallize his unique health expertise into a powerful, coherent brand, and to develop a new growth strategy for expanding his social media presence to reach health optimisation enthusiasts. The goal was not just to enhance his brand visibility, but to build foundation to effectively monetize his growing audience and make a larger impact in the digital health space supporting his mission.

02. What We've Done
Phase 1 | Branding & Strategy
  • In-Depth Discovery: We started with our signature branding interviews, diving deep into Dr. Dome's philosophies and methodologies. This was paired with external inputs to grasp his distinctive health approach.
  • Audience Mapping: We  identified and painted a portrait of his target audience, a crucial step for message precision.
  • Creative Exploration: Our team then engaged in an intensive creative process, researching and developing the core brand message and visuals. We anchored these in the inspiring concept that every human has the potential to be superhuman.
  • Crafted a visually compelling brand book aligned with Dr. Dome's values starting with the logo that is rich in symbolism: a shield signifying superhuman abilities, a target representing aspirational goals, the spiral of evolution, and a clever play with Dr. Dome's initials.
  • Creation of the tailored social media growth strategy

The outcome was a comprehensive brandbook brimming with over 50 ready-to-use visual assets and social media templates.

Phase 2 | Social Media Strategy Implementation
  • Content Planning: developing a tailored content growth plan focusing on short, impactful videos, especially Instagram reels
  • Video Script writing optimised for viral potential
  • Brand Identity Integration
  • Support with video content production
  • Creative video editing
  • Performance Monitoring
Phase 3 | Instagram Monetisation

In this phase, we successfully executed the launch of Dr. Dome's online course relying only on the organic channels of content distribution. This included:

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy & Sales Funnel
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing Material Production & Technical Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Posting
03. Results

With a new social media video creation and posting strategy, we skyrocketed the Instagram following, doubling it to 124k in just three months, and achieving viral success with several videos that gained 200k+ views.

With the instagram monetisation we achieved the sales goal and outperformed the results of the previous launch by 10x.

"Victoria and her Infokus team are first of all an amazing team. They are very passionate about their craft and helping the client to strive. We worked together for 6 month building my brand and visual identity, a social media strategy, growth and media production. Victoria is a super good, empathetic communicator and always makes sure to deliver not just world class quality but also doing this in a very efficient and fast way. Her service, especially the creativity are world class and I come back for help all the time. If you want legendary results - Vic is 💯 recommended."

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

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